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Flowing Text Boxes

Joshua asked this question on a video on my YouTube channel:

Alright, I have a strange challenge for you, although your analogy of the kitchen paper makes me doubt the possibility… anyway, here’s what I’m trying to do: I want to break a paper into four separate papers, and I want to do that in such a way that they appear as quadrants.

Now, I know I can make a 4×4 table, and that’s easy. But is there a way that I can make it so that when I reach the end of the top right quadrant, it will not expand, but create a new 4×4 table on the next page and begin filling in that top right quadrant (and same for top left, bottom right, bottom left)?

Basically, I want to make four mini-pages on each page that behave like mini-word documents.

What happens now is it tries to expand the table as I reach the end. I know there are tedious manual workarounds for this (making a bunch of tables, copying and pasting the “right” amount of text into each individual table), but is there anything I can do so that Word will do it this me?

Unfortunately, tables aren’t the solution here – they’re just not dynamic enough to do what you need to do.

However, the good news is that we can achieve this quite easily:

YouTube video

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