Working with Word Images

This Working With Word Images video course will help you understand and get to grips with working with images. In this course, we look at how Word places images, such as inline with text or 'floating' images (the ones that jump all over the place as you add text or other elements to your document); how to use full cover images, precise positioning, etc.

01 - Introduction​

Watch this short video to see what the short course contains and to ensure it's a good fit for you.

Note: I no longer sell 1-Click Book Creation, but if you want a free copy, use the Contact/Assistance button and message me.

02 - Working with images in Word​

It's always best to prepare your images before you insert them into Word. If you don't, and they're not the correct size, Word will either stretch or compress them to fit, which affects the final image quality.

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