Privacy Policy

1. Enchanted Information We Collect:

When you wander through our website, we may collect some magical information like your name, email address, and
preferences. Don’t worry – we won’t read your thoughts or discover your deepest secrets. This information helps
us customize your experience and make even more spellbinding!

2. The Magic Behind Cookies:

Just like a well-brewed potion, we use cookies to make our website work smoothly. Cookies are tiny bits of magic
stored on your wand (browser). They help us remember your preferences and keep you logged in. No worries, these
cookies won’t follow you around like pesky shadows once you leave our realm.

3. Wizards’ Sharing Secrets:

We promise not to sell, rent, or lend your magical information to anyone outside our enchanting kingdom. However,
we might share it with a few trusted allies who help us provide our magical services. These trustworthy partners
will treat your data with the utmost care, just like we do.

4. Enchantment Under Protection:

We’re serious about protecting your magical data. So, we’ve cast powerful spells like firewalls and encryption to
keep it safe from evil trolls and prying eyes. However, remember that no spell is 100% foolproof. If an unexpected
breach occurs, we’ll do everything in our magical power to contain the mischief and notify you right away.

5. Apprentice Accounts:

If you’re a young apprentice under 13 years old, we kindly ask for your parents’ or guardians’ permission before
you start your magical journey with us. We wouldn’t want them to worry about you!

6. Magic of Opt-Out:

If you ever feel like the enchantment is too much, you can opt-out of our magical realm. Just let us know, and
we’ll make your data vanish from our spellbooks. But remember, any spellbinding creations you’ve made here may
still linger in our memory.

7. Magic Wand Access:

You have the right to access, correct, or even delete your magical information from our spellbooks. If you wish to
do so, send a magical request to us via the contact page, and we’ll wave our wands to fulfill your

8. Magical Amendments:

As we continue to grow, our spells may evolve too. So, we might update this Privacy Policy spell occasionally.
When we do, we’ll notify you of the changes, and the new spell will become effective right away.

9. An Enchanted Bond:

By using, you’ve formed a magical bond with us. Rest assured that we’ll cherish and respect
your trust, as it means the world to us.

Remember, our goal is to make your time with us enchanting and full of wonder. We’ll protect your data like the
most valuable treasure and ensure it’s used to enhance your magical experience with

Last updated: July 31, 2023


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