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Multiple Trim Sizes: This template pack includes all the following Microsoft Word (.docx) trim sizes:

  • 5″ x 8″
  • 6″ x 9″
  • 5.06″ x 7.81″
  • 5.25″ x 8″
  • 5.83″ x 8.27″
  • 6.14″ x 9.21″
  • 6.69″ x 9.61″

Licensing options

There are 3 licensing options:

  • Single book personal license – for use on 1 book (only one) that you write/author, i.e. this license only permit you to use this template with your own book.
  • Unlimited books personal license – for use on an unlimited number of your books that you write/author using, i.e. you cannot use WBD templates on books that are not yours/you do not own.
  • Commercial license – for use on an unlimited number of yours or others’ books, i.e. you can sell your services to others (you cannot sell my template though).

One-time price only: The price you pay is one-time only, i.e. there are no recurring payments. The license and any updates are perpetual and will work forever.

Instant access after purchase – all files and video training are in my membership area. Immediate registration and access after purchase.

Additional info


Easy comparison

You'll notice that several of the templates in this niche use the same story and, as a result, look pretty similar. That's for easy comparison and to make your choice on which one to buy easy.

Rest-assured that all WBD templates are simple to modify (and that includes layout and and fonts) and you can easily modify as you see fit.

Once you become a multi-book author and publisher, you'll realise that most of the time, you create a design you like and then replicate it: Book I, Book II, and so on. (Why reinvent the wheel?)

So, on that note, my advice is to...

Choose the one template which is as close to the end design that you like

With Microsoft Word, the hard work is actually in the design itself.

However, with the WBD templates, this has been done for you. Now all you need do is either copy and paste and format, or write (the formatting's mostly automatic). If you do need to alter the design, then this is simple to do, also.

Once you've decided on your template and are raring to go, always remember that with book publishing...

It's ALWAYS about the End User Experience

Word will let you do some extravagant and creative designs. But if you go down this route, always remember:

  1. Save a copy of your book and work on that copy.
  2. In Word, Ctrl+Z (this is the shortcut key combination for undo) is your best friend.
  3. All changes must be done with the end user in mind: What are their expectations? What do they want to see? Does your book meet their requirements, etc.

Many do struggle with Word and that's why my intention is to get you as close to the finished product as possible from the outset. In doing so, that means minimal changes, effort, and frustration for you.

Video training

Though the template comes with a comprehensive user guide and video training, my intention is to record videos showing exactly how I create my books. That way you can truly see how easy it is.

Here's a sample of the user guide:

However, at the time of writing, I haven't got that far and if the videos of me showing how easy it is to either add and format an existing manuscript to the template or to write and format as you go haven't been added to this page yet, then I'd recommend either:

  1. Checking back here frequently.
  2. Subscribe to my YouTube channel and get notified when the videos are live.
  3. Sign-up to get notifications.

(I would recommend number 3 as the best option.)

Instant access after download

Remember, when you purchase this template you get:

  • Instant access after purchase (lifetime access to the membership area and updates immediately after purchase)
  • Multiple trim sizes, as specified (5" x 8", 6" x 9", 5.06" x 7.81", 5.25" x 8", 5.83" x 8.27", 6.14" x 9.21", 6.69" x 9.61).
  • Video training on how to work with these templates in Word.

About these templates

  • They work on both pc and Mac versions of Word (post 2010).
  • They were personally designed by me.
  • You get lifetime usage (subject to your license, i.e. if you purchase the single book license then you have a lifetime to use publish that one book. If you get the unlimited license, then you can use the template forever and on as many books as you wish.)

About me

  • I've personally self-published over 1,000 books for myself and clients (check out some of the reviews on the home and testimonials pages).
  • I've been using Word since 1994.
  • Microsoft even hired me to help improve their template's usability.
  • Microsoft hired me to write some of their Word help (on their docs site).
  • I'm a certified MOS Word Expert.

All of which should reassure you that, where Word's concerned, I do know what I'm talking about.

Microsoft Office Specialist Word Expert (MOS)

Remember, your payment is a one-off . There are no recurring fees, and is your absolute best chance of being the author you've always wanted to be.

"Working with Russ answers once and for all, "what's the difference between working with a professional/specialist vs an amateur/generalist?" As a result of working with him, I have a new way of working with Word."
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